Information about Russian Ridge O.S.P.

Russian Ridge Open Space Preserve is a spectacular place to enjoy the changes in the seasons. In the spring, this 1,580-acre preserve explodes with color as wildflowers put on a showy display. This preserve has been identified as one of the five best places in the Bay Area to see wildflowers. Early in the spring, poppies and lupine dominate. By May and June, gumweed, mule ears, farewell-to-spring, and brodiaea bloom. The hills turn to gold in the summer, when the long evening light strikes them. Autumn, when the fog recedes, is the ideal time to enjoy views of San Francisco Bay and the Santa Cruz Mountains through the crisp, clean air. Winter storms occasionally dust the top of the hills with snow.

Eight miles of trails are available for you at Russian Ridge. The Bay Area Ridge Trail continues north from Skyline Ridge Open Space Preserve along the ridge to Rapley Ranch Road, providing breathtaking views of both the Pacific Ocean and the San Francisco Bay. The trail passes by Borel Hill, the highest named point in San Mateo County, which offers a 360-degree view.

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