In Memory of Snowball
Jan 15, 1989 ---- Sep 6, 2004

Labrador Retriever/Samoyed

Tribute to Snowball

On Monday morning 09/06/2004 at 4:00 AM, our dog Snowball, beloved companion of 16 years passed away. Our last "child" has left the nest and his loving companionship will be greatly missed by my wife and myself. He was a mix of Labrador Retriever and Samoyed and I pray I can find another like him. For almost 16 years he grew up with our children and become our child also. His gentleness and unswerving devotion always amazed me. We have much to be grateful for. He lived unfettered in our redwood forest and died while sleeping in his favorite place. Other than his walk slowing he showed no signs of pain and appears to have died of heart failure. However, the emptiness he leaves seems impossible to fill. He now lies buried in the redwood forest he loved so much and I hope his spirit will frolic in peace and joy forever. Snowball, I loved you like no other dog I ever had. I wish I could take you on one more CyberHike. Farewell my faithful friend - Farewell. May you have the same peace and joy that you gave me

As of late I have found myself contemplating what lies after any living thing takes it's last breath. I have never found what was preached in any organized religion to be believable by my skeptical mind. But to think that all that any human or animal was will be extinguished like a candle's flame has begun to be more and more disheartening. What I now would like to believe, is that some essence of any living creature's character continues after the heart has ceased to beat. I know that the death of Snowball has accelerated these thoughts. It comforts me to think that Snowball still walks, nay bounds through his beloved redwoods and then returns to the house that he cherished. In life he would wait patiently on the drive way for our return from shopping or vacation trips. I feel he still lies in the hall way and wonders why we grieve so. Every time we leave the house I am sure he still waits for our return except now he has no anxiety but only anticipation. If when I walk to the house you should see me rest my hand by my knee do not be concerned for my sanity. I am merely petting my beloved dog for he must wonder why I do it so rarely since
that mournful Labor Day Monday morning.

Farewell my faithful friend - Farewell

Lucky Companion


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