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All Gallery photographs can be purchased. Please scroll toward the bottom for more information and how to download your free photograph.

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Take a break from civilization and enjoy the pastoral beauty that can be found in our California parks and open spaces. You can view selected photographs by clicking on any open exhibit. These are indicated by the orange and red rectangles.

Any Photograph in the Gallery can be purchased.
To down load the free photo, after clicking on this image, use your browser's save as option from the file menu
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Purchased photos are a full 640 x 480 resolution in 24 bit color JPEG format. The small frame version is how each picture looks in the gallery. Since this reduced size, 256 color GIF format, image can't approach the true quality of the originals, please click on this picture to see an example of how the full sized one will look. Note: When converted to BMP format they make wonderful wallpaper for your computer. Use your browser's back button to return to the gallery. Click on the form to be able to print out a form to be used when ordering.

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